“Doomsday” Puts on Killer Seminar at Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts

5 Apr

Doomsday showing us one of his menacing guillotine variations

On March 31st, John “Doomsday” Howard came to Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts Academy to put on an MMA seminar. There is only one word I can use to describe it……..EPIC

Last Saturday, the team at Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts Academy was lucky enough to have Boston’s own John “Doomsday” Howard down to give an MMA seminar. Boy did we get what we wanted. Not only did John give one of the best seminars I personally have ever attended, but there was also 300 lbs of clothing donated to the Kiducation program and $200 donated to our local Peace Dale Elementary School PTA.

Let me start by saying first that John is a super nice guy, and cares a lot about what he does. He is dedicated to his art, and this is evident through the way he teaches his seminars. Even though he may look like a walking tank, he is a kind, smart and talented athelete/individual.

John first started everyone out with some shadow-boxing. He greatly emphasized the point that it is important to strictly focus on technique while shadow-boxing, and not trying to look cool (like most of us do). Full extension of punches and kicks with perfect form was his goal for us. He threw in some sets of sit-ups in between the shadow-boxing rounds and by the time that was over, everyone was more than warmed up.

After that, he had us do some more striking drills that really focused on perfect technique and core strength. I really enjoyed this because I myself am a grappler, therefore I do not spend much time training my striking. The drills and techniques we went over regarding the striking aspect of MMA truly helped me feel more confident with my punches and kicks.

Shadow-Boxing with "Doomsday"

When the striking part of the seminar was over, we then moved on to the grappling techniques of Mr. Doomsday.

The MMA workout/warm-up he put us through was pretty brutal. It consisted of shadow-boxing, sprawling, push-up variations, sit-outs, and other challenging movements. I was blown away by how fit John was, as he boasted about how he would do this workout everyday he trained. Did I mention that the version of this workout that he does is 5 times longer, and is followed by more training and sparring afterwards? In other words, John is a beast!

I was very excited to see what Doomsday would bring to the table as far as grappling techniques, and boy did I get what I was looking for…

He first showed some very simple, yet very effective guillotine variations. Now, when I attempt a guillotine choke, I usually have 2 or 3 variations of the technique that I like to use. After this seminar, I now have about 7. He explained which ones he likes to use against different types of opponents, and I cannot wait to start drilling some of them.

Following the grappling techniques that John displayed, we then had a “ask the fighter” Q and A session.

Now in my last article, I mentioned that I looked forward to asking John about his footlock setups. I did in fact get the chance to ask him and experience some of his favorite foot locks, which included toe holds, heel hooks, and a nasty calf crusher that left me with a strange mixed feeling of pain and amazement.

John mean-muggin' for the camera

As the seminar came to a conclusion, it is safe to say that everyone who attended got more than what they paid for. John Doomsday Howard is a disciplined and hard working athlete who definitely left a lasting impression on all of us. I would totally reccommend attending one of his seminars to anyone who has the chance.

With Doomsday in the building, 300 lbs of donated clothes, and $200 dollars given to a local school in need, it is safe to say that this was a great day for Black Diamond, the Kiducation Program, and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

See you on the mats!



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